Unfinished Brevet Business

I’ve been battling a nasty cold this week (probably bronchitis but I’m too dumb to see the doctor) so there hasn’t been much riding.  This gives me a chance to provide a brief update to last weekend’s brevet, including two pictures taken by DC Randonneurs’ George Moore as I reached the crest of the final […]

Fighting Through Winter Doldrums

It’s been a tough winter.  I know things could always be worse.  I could be trying to cycle in Boston, which just had two feet of snow dumped on it.  I could be Tuckamoredew’s neighbor in Edmonton.  But I happen to live in Virginia, where the occasional pleasant weekend is normal in the winter.  Being here […]

DC Randonneurs Civil War Tour 200K Brevet (Part 2)

So there I was, zipping through the streets of Fairfield, Pennsylvania, hoping my depleted energy reserves after 69 miles of climbing would be sufficient to help me outrun an approaching thunderstorm. I’ve outrun storms before.  It’s kind of a cool notion, that you can actually outpace a force of nature while riding a bicycle.  However, […]

DC Randonneurs Civil War Tour 200K Brevet (Part 1)

And so it came to pass that I found myself in Frederick, MD, with 33 serious cyclists for the DC Randonneurs’ 200 km brevet (pronounced Bra-Vaye, for those who haven’t bothered to learn French).  How serious were these cyclists?  As I have discussed elsewhere, a 200 km ride is one of the shortest distances these people cover.  […]

Wilderness Campaign 200K ACP Brevet

See the fancy title I used for this ride?  I can do this because I am now officially a Randonneur and entitled to use the arcane acronyms of this exclusive club.  Here’s how it happened: We gathered at the Caribou Coffee in Bristow to register, pick up our control sheets (more on that later), prep our […]

My Next Stunt

I joined a bicycle club.  The club is called the DC Randonneurs.  As you may have guessed, they enjoy randonneuring. If you didn’t guess that this club enjoys randonneuring, that must be because you don’t know what randonneuring is.  Randonneuring is a cycling discipline which combines elements of racing, touring, and ultra-long rides to form a unique cycling event.  […]