Fort Story

      Three rides. 61 miles. 281 feet of climbing. One broken iPhone. That pretty summarizes this year’s trip to Fort Story.  If you’d like a little more detail, please continue reading. The broken iPhone had nothing to do with cycling.  It had everything to do with attempting to walk with my dog on […]

Old Ironsides Goes To The Beach

I went to Virginia Beach again.  If something works, don’t fix it, right? This time, I brought my hybrid bike (aka Old Ironsides) for a change of pace.  I’ve only ever brought road bikes to Virginia Beach and the old war horse deserved a chance to show what it can do.  I also expected to […]

Virginia Beach

We’re back, safe and sound, from a pleasant four days at Fort Story, VA, which is adjacent to Virginia Beach.  Among the cookouts and walks on the beach, I managed to get a couple of rides in.  I was hoping for a few more, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  Sunday featured strong winds with gusts […]