Book Review: Comedian Mastermind – The Best Of

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to compile my blog posts into a book.  At the very least, I would have a permanent hardcopy record of months of writing.  This might be important should the internet crash after the computers become sentient and take over the planet. Apparently, I am not the first […]

Impressions of the Canberra Cycling Life

I was only in Canberra for four days and sampled only a portion of the city, but I see no reason why that should keep me from making broad general conclusions about the state of cycling there!  Apart from my 31 mile ride around Lake Burley Griffin, I spent most of my time north of […]

Quantico Wildlife Area

I haven’t missed a weekend ride in over three months, but my streak was in jeopardy this afternoon.  Parenting and social obligations kept me off the roads on Saturday and early morning rains and the promise of afternoon thunderstorms put Sunday at risk.  So when the skies cleared and the roads were dry at 2:00, I […]