So This Is Christmas…

“And so this is Christmas, And what have you done? Another year older. A new one just begun.” – J. Lennon Remember my last post, the one about the remarkably warm weather?  Well I had a hard time remembering it when I pondered my Christmas ride, standing in the early morning sun with the temperature around […]

My Photo Shoot

 As an Important and Influential Blogger, it should be of no surprise to you that a professional photographer recently requested permission to photograph me while I demonstrated my cycling technique.  After learning more about this event, you might point out that the photographer was my daughter, who only wanted the pictures so she could complete […]

Cool Cycling Photos

The Australian blog, Cycling Tips, has conducted an international cycling photo contest.  To view the entrants, go here.  The photos are great, but you can also read about the ensuing controversy over the winner here.  Seems there was some skullduggery with the computer vote tabulation. All the photos are great, but this one by Michael […]

The Last Great Day Of Summer?

As the calendar moves deeper into October, there are fewer Summer-like days.  Today, Summer made a mid-Autumn appearance with a cloudless sky, low humidity, gentle breezes, and a temperature hovering around 80 degrees.  We may not get many more days like today for some time and I took advantage of it. I tried to take […]