Two Bridges

I had a really good idea yesterday.  I was able to leave work a little early and take advantage of the great weather and go on a long ride.  This would be helpful as I need to get some miles in before this weekend’s 300 km ride with the DC Randonneurs.  I decided to reward […]

The Fate Of Prince William, Duke of Cumberland (A Cautionary Tale)

As a resident of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, I find myself surrounded by reminders of my country’s relationship with the British Empire.  These reminders usually take the form of place names which have decidedly British-sounding names, such as King George’s County, Jamestown, Prince George’s County, etc…  Nowadays, most of the people inhabiting […]

Gloom Period

At my alma mater, the time immediately after the holidays was known as “Gloom Period.”  Everyone had to return from their holiday vacation and settle back into reality, which meant lots of studying, marching, and being cold – usually under gray skies while living and working in gray buildings while wearing gray uniforms. It was […]

My Half-Baked Theory On The Relative Perils Of Cycling

  Long work hours and crummy weather have combined to limit my cycling as of late.  This is unacceptable, I know, and I intend to remedy it shortly.  In the meanwhile, let me share with you one of the many half-baked theories that wander about my subconscious and occasionally pop to the surface, sometimes with […]

My Sudden Appearance In A Paceline

“It never gets easier.  You just go faster.”  – Greg LeMond There I was on Sunday morning, minding my own business and raking leaves in my back yard.  I looked up and saw my neighbor, Steve, pedaling up my driveway in full cycling regalia.  This was rather odd in that he has never done this […]

The Hoadly Road Bike Path (or lack thereof)

     Cycle paths are an important part of urban planning efforts to accommodate cyclists on busy city roads.  Prince William County planners have not placed a great amount of emphasis on bike paths, casting their lot instead on mixed-use paths which line most major roads.    I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do know this: […]