So This Is Christmas…

“And so this is Christmas, And what have you done? Another year older. A new one just begun.” – J. Lennon Remember my last post, the one about the remarkably warm weather?  Well I had a hard time remembering it when I pondered my Christmas ride, standing in the early morning sun with the temperature around […]

Tour Of The Towns

Most of you know I am an incredibly important and influential person, not just in the cycling world but in other fields of endeavor as well.  Those other pursuits have kept me away from the computer and I am therefore late in telling you the tale of the Inaugural Tour of the Towns century ride.  […]

Marine Corps 17.75K Run

The year’s first running event went off without a hitch yesterday.  I am happy to report that I finished the race without mishap and now have exclusive access to register for this October’s Marine Corps Marathon – an event which typically sells out in less than three hours. Rather than the Garmin GPS snapshot I typically […]


I learned today that the 2013 edition of Bike DC is cancelled because “[t]he restrictions and road blocks to getting permits from the National Park Service and some DC agencies have made it impracticable to continue this event.” Well, isn’t that a fine “How do you do?” This is disappointing as my wife and I […]

The Fate Of Prince William, Duke of Cumberland (A Cautionary Tale)

As a resident of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, I find myself surrounded by reminders of my country’s relationship with the British Empire.  These reminders usually take the form of place names which have decidedly British-sounding names, such as King George’s County, Jamestown, Prince George’s County, etc…  Nowadays, most of the people inhabiting […]

Prince William Forest and Quantico MCB

   Today’s ride included a circumnavigation of Prince William Forest Park.  The park, like the county in which it resides, is named after Prince William, Duke of Cumberland, the third son of George I.   He was a popular royal and played a key part in putting down a Jacobite Rebellion in 1746.  He also fought in […]