A Calendar Contest!

I’m in a bike store photo contest!  Fortunately, none of the pictures are of me so my chances of winning have improved dramatically. The contest is held by my Local Bike Shop, Revolution Cycles.  They’ve asked folks to submit their favorite cycling photos and the 12 pictures with the highest votes will go into their calendar, […]

Century Season

I was at Revolution Cycles today, buying some absolutely critical gear for my bike prior to the Culpeper Cycling Century (of which I am only riding 65 miles) ride in two weeks.  Ok, “critical” may be a slight exaggeration of its importance.  It would probably be better to say I was buying some “things I could […]

My New Toy – Part I

Dear readers, this weekend was a big one for me.  I sprinkled some hints on the blog – new header photo, an uptick on the odometer, and a new entry in the PBR page – but my loyal fan base was asleep at the switch and didn’t pick up on any of these subtle clues.  […]