Life Off The Bike

Hello, there.  Long time, no post. Some of you may be mildly interested in what I’ve been up to.  I have been bombarded by literally several inquiries as to my whereabouts.  Basically, I’ve been busy running and since this is a blog concerned with cycling activities, I did not find anything particularly relevant to share […]

Marine Corps Half Marathon

I was running again.  This time I participated in the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, held in “historic” Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Truth be told, there isn’t very much about Fredericksburg that is historic, except that on one December day in 1862 several tens of thousands of Union soldiers proved that assaulting prepared defensive works on high ground […]

Marine Corps 17.75K Run

The year’s first running event went off without a hitch yesterday.  I am happy to report that I finished the race without mishap and now have exclusive access to register for this October’s Marine Corps Marathon – an event which typically sells out in less than three hours. Rather than the Garmin GPS snapshot I typically […]


I learned today that the 2013 edition of Bike DC is cancelled because “[t]he restrictions and road blocks to getting permits from the National Park Service and some DC agencies have made it impracticable to continue this event.” Well, isn’t that a fine “How do you do?” This is disappointing as my wife and I […]

The About Page

You never know who might stop by your blog.  Over the months and years I’ve come to know many of you and I often feel like I can start a post with the assumption that people have been “following the story” over time.  But there are many newcomers all the time who haven’t been following […]


With the New Year comes the tradition of making resolutions.  In the sports world, making resolutions is often referred to as “goal setting.”  As with most forms of human endeavor, it is possible to find people for and against this practice.  Advocates believe that setting goals motivates a person to achieve something greater than he would otherwise have […]

The Post Where I Make My Wife’s Major Accomplishment A Story About Me

I went on a 40-mile ride yesterday afternoon.  It was nice, but I would prefer to tell you about what I did yesterday morning.  I watched my wife run her first half marathon. This was the scene at the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, just a few minutes before the start.  I had accompanied my […]

I Went Running Again

This morning was the first day this winter when the temperature dipped below freezing.  I was keenly aware of this fact as I stood with my wife at the start line for the Jingle All The Way 8k in downtown DC with 5,000 other runners.  Naturally, there was a SNAFU as the police had difficulties clearing […]