South Dakota (Being the Second of Two Parts)

(This is Part 2 of our cycling trip to South Dakota. For the exciting first part, please see the previous post) It was the morning of Day 4 and there was mutiny in the air. The ride for today was scheduled to depart from the small town of Hulett, 13 miles from Devils Tower. To […]

South Dakota, Part 1

I remember being able to fly somewhere in an airplane. I also have the distinct memory of walking about unmasked, shaking hands, and generally interacting with fellow humans without undue concern of a possible contagion. I recently had the opportunity to do all of these things and many more during a cycling trip to South […]

At It Again

Things have greatly improved in America, pandemically-speaking, as has the weather. The Missus and I will be heading westward, in search of some combination of great views, interesting stories, buffalo, and adult beverages. We’ll be renting bicycles, so lets hope they are slightly more advanced than the one pictured above. Check this space in a […]