The Crosstrail Reminds Me Why I Bought The Trek

Since I bought my Trek 2.1 last September, there has been an uneasy truce between me and my broken down Specialized Crosstrail.  The Crosstrail (aka “Old Ironsides”) has served me well in its reduced role as inclement weather/night-time/family bike.  No more flats, no more broken spokes, and no maintenance issues to speak of.  A rational person […]

Why I Am Not Cool (Part 4 in a continuing series)

As I type these words, I am sitting on my front porch waiting to distribute Halloween candy to the trick-0r-treaters of the neighborhood.  This alone makes me uncool in some cycling circles.  Apparently, many cool riders participate in a Halloween evening ride which removes them from the “bothersome” kids .  Once again, I gladly find […]

My New Toy – Part I

Dear readers, this weekend was a big one for me.  I sprinkled some hints on the blog – new header photo, an uptick on the odometer, and a new entry in the PBR page – but my loyal fan base was asleep at the switch and didn’t pick up on any of these subtle clues.  […]