Fighting Through Winter Doldrums

It’s been a tough winter.  I know things could always be worse.  I could be trying to cycle in Boston, which just had two feet of snow dumped on it.  I could be Tuckamoredew’s neighbor in Edmonton.  But I happen to live in Virginia, where the occasional pleasant weekend is normal in the winter.  Being here […]

The Last Day Of Winter

We’re setting the clocks forward tonight and the weather forecast for tomorrow and the next week is fantastic.  I have therefore officially declared today to be the last day of winter.  To commemorate the event, I set off for Fauquier County in the hopes of finding a route connecting Catlett to Nokesville without using the very […]

First Impressions: Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons

The winter cold hit Northern Virginia this weekend.  With temperatures hovering around freezing, I gutted out a 17 mile ride on Saturday.  Today’s highs were to be a few degrees colder than Saturday.  I pondered whether  or not to head out.  I probably would have passed but for two things: 1.  I was keenly aware […]

New Years Ride

The New Years Ride was completed without event for the second straight year, to include completion of the lengthy New Year’s Ride Checklist: 1. Reset Odometer 2. Get On Bike 3.  Pedal Step 1 was actually somewhat complicated as it involved html coding in the thingy (properly called a “widget”) on the right side of […]