Cycling Destinations

Places away from home that I managed to get in a ride.

The United States

Grand Canyon, Arizona

You don’t often think of cycling at the Grand Canyon, but it’s there for you if you want to give it a try.

Key West, Florida

We cycled from Miami Beach to Key West in February. It was as good as you’d expect it to be.

Kissimmee, Florida

With a few hours to spare between trips to Disney World, I went for a pedal. Here’s what I saw.

Tampa, Florida

Renting a bike is always an adventure, more so when you rent from the Department of Defense.


The epic, week-long pedal across Iowa, as experienced by Yours Truly.

St. Michaels, Maryland

The pandemic canceled most of my plans, but not this one.

Boston, Massachusetts, Part 1

I went to Boston on business, waltzed into a cycle shop and rented a bike.

Boston, Massachusetss, Part 2

Where I continue to see the sites while fighting to keep my rental bike from falling apart.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Part 1

We started in Frederick, MD, and climbed over a mountain range to reach Antietam Battlefield. Then we climbed back over that range to approach Gettysburg.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Part 2

After a near-death experience in a thunderstorm, we had a lovely pedal through the battlefield, then traveled south to Frederick.

Burlington, Vermont

Five days of pedaling around Lake Champlain, including a brief excursion into the wilds of Canada.

The Creeper Trail, Virginia

66 miles on gravel is not the same experience as 66 miles on asphalt.

Fort Story, Virginia

A time trialist’s dream – flat as a pancake and plenty of sun/sand to boot.


Outside The United States

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My authoritative, in-depth review of the cycling scene in the world’s cycling capital, based on 72 hours’ of experience.

Canberra, Australia Part 1

A fun pedal around Lake Burley Griffin, with stops at Parliament and other points of interest.

Canberra, Australia Part 2

I was in town for 96 hours. These were my impressions.

Huntingdon, England

Where a very good friend from the blogosphere loaned me a bike and went on a ride with me, including a stop at a pub.

London, England

Cycling in the heart of a Dr. Seuss book can be challenging. So can foreign credit card machines.

Provence, France

Three days of guided cycling at the foot of the French Alps, including an ascent up the famed Mt. Ventoux.

Madrid, Spain

I planned on renting a bike here. This is why I didn’t.