Cap2Cap Century

The alarm went off at 5:00 am. Through bleary eyes, I checked my phone’s weather app. It was 60 degrees and threatening to rain. The forecast told me this would be the warmest part of the day. Maureen and I got up and began the process of getting our act together for the 2022 Cap2Cap […]

South Dakota, Part 1

I remember being able to fly somewhere in an airplane. I also have the distinct memory of walking about unmasked, shaking hands, and generally interacting with fellow humans without undue concern of a possible contagion. I recently had the opportunity to do all of these things and many more during a cycling trip to South […]

At It Again

Things have greatly improved in America, pandemically-speaking, as has the weather. The Missus and I will be heading westward, in search of some combination of great views, interesting stories, buffalo, and adult beverages. We’ll be renting bicycles, so lets hope they are slightly more advanced than the one pictured above. Check this space in a […]

Things I Think I Think: Triathlons

I’ve finally got my official race photos from the Quantico Sprint Triathlon and I’ve had a week to ponder the imponderables of my first-ever triathlon.  I’m certain you’re dying to learn exactly what I discovered so that you too can make a successful transition to a mediocre triathlete like me.  So please enjoy this illustrated […]

Tour Of The Towns

Most of you know I am an incredibly important and influential person, not just in the cycling world but in other fields of endeavor as well.  Those other pursuits have kept me away from the computer and I am therefore late in telling you the tale of the Inaugural Tour of the Towns century ride.  […]

USAF Crystal Ride, Part 2: The Ride

The Crystal Ride is one of my favorite events of the year.  With about 1,800 riders, it is the largest cycling event I attend.  Despite my Army roots, the USAF military theme is nice and there is a healthy smattering of military-themed jerseys in the peloton.  The route is on closed streets that are normally quite busy […]